How Animated Videos Can Change The Marketing Style Of Products

Traditional marketing techniques are no longer as effective as they used to be as the world is keeping up with the revolutionizing pace of technology! As consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements, businesses need to find innovative ways to captivate their attention. One such method that has gained tremendous popularity is the use of animated videos. Let’s explore how you can leverage these engaging and visually appealing videos that have the power to transform marketing styles and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

The Power of Animated Videos in Marketing…

Animation has a long history that extends back to the ancient world. It has existed in numerous forms, from the pottery of the ancient Greeks to the ocular toys of the seventeenth century to computer-generated imagery (CGI) of the twenty-first century. Us humans have found numerous ways to utilize this animation, be it animated movies for children or create an alternate reality, thus, having found a way to bring imagination to life. One such highlight for this century is the use of animated videos in marketing.

Modern animated videos utilize vibrant colors, captivating characters, and imaginative settings to grab viewers’ attention. Therefore, it becomes the perfect tool to keep your audience engaged and hooked on your content for the longest possible time. These videos evoke emotions through relatable characters and compelling narratives, fostering a stronger connection between the audience and the brand.

But then again, if you think your viewers are too old for watching animated videos, let’s see some interesting stats…

  • A perfectly created whiteboard animation can have 68% better return on investment than Google Ads. (Explain Ninja)
  • Explainer videos are 64% more likely to convert a visitor than text alone. And in some instances, explainer videos have improved lead generation by 403%.(breadnbeyond)

These are just a few, but it is necessary to note that the trend is moving towards animated videos used in marketing today.

Effective Implementation

While we understand that marketing trends now involve using animated videos to engage audiences, one might question their choices when there’s lesser ROI or engagement on their content even after keeping up with the fast paced advertising revolution. Following a definitive guide to slowly integrate these trends in your strategy is the perfect solution!

Let’s follow a line up of steps you can implement the next time you plan an ad campaign with animated video…

1. Identifying your target audience-

When Heinz Beans recognized that their average customer can be a child as well as an adult or an elderly, they came up with the A Can for every Size campaign. It was an animated video that highlighted how their variety of can sizes would be suitable for each member of a family. Such a tactful move for brand awareness!

  • A well defined target audience helps create clear marketing goals. These marketing goals can be customer retention, giving out a certain message, brand awareness, driving website traffic, boosting sales and many more.
  • When you have a well defined target audience- their demographics, preferences, needs etc.- you ensure that the video content is specifically tailored to resonate with them.
  • This ensures success in reaching the marketing goals we talked about before.

2. Crafting compelling stories-

The KEAN “Fruits” ad campaign was a creative video with animals, humans, fruits and basically most of everything! The human imagination knows no limit. This is the factor you can use to your highest benefit! The more imaginative you get, the more curious your audience is about your brand. Let’s get down to the basics…

  • Foundation of a successful video lies in a well written script.
  • A concise, engaging script aligning with the overall marketing message should be your goal. This, followed by visuals and narration, create an engaging video leaving an imprint in your audience’s mind.
  • Along with an impactful script, using the right keywords, emphasizing unique selling points of your product/services are some tactics that can help in optimizing your video in search engine rankings, increasing your reach and visibility!

3. Leveraging professional animation services-

You want your content to be precise with the message clear. We all were taken away by the Apple Vision Pro ad that emphasized their new product in the most visually impressive way.

Here’s why you should leverage professional animation services…

  • Professional animators possess necessary expertise and artistic skills to bring concepts to life effectively.
  • They create visually stunning animations that align with the brand’s identity and captivate the target audience.
  • The animation is smooth and seamless, resulting in a polished and professional product that ensures brand quality.

When professionalism matters, always leverage the best of the services that yield the highest quality results.

4. Promoting the animated videos strategically-

Now that we have our outstanding video ready, we need a strategic promotion to make it successful.

  • Due to social media video posting, 93% of marketers converted their leads into sales. (Animoto Blog)
  • 64% of social media users make a purchase after watching a branded social video. (Tubular Insights)

These stats show how businesses are leveraging various online platforms as well as marketing channels to maximize their reach. Sharing videos on social media, embedding them on your website, using them in your email marketing campaigns are some ways you can increase your exposure.


Animated videos are the new black in the marketing industry! With their ability to enhance visual appeal, simplify complex concepts, evoke emotions, and increase engagement, these videos have revolutionized the way businesses promote their offerings. The captivating nature of animated videos has the potential to propel businesses ahead of their competition and establish a strong online presence.

Embrace the power of animated videos in your marketing strategy, and witness the remarkable results they can deliver. To implement amazing animations in your next ad campaign, Contact Us now or email us at

See you soon!

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